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Almond Emulsion
Almond Flavor  
Anise Flavor 
Apple Flavor
Apricot Flavor

Banana Emulsion
Banana Flavor 
Blueberry Emulsion 
Blueberry Flavor 
Brandy Flavor 
Butter Emulsion 
Butter Flavor 
Butter Vanilla Flavor 
Butter Cream Flavor 
Butterscotch Flavor

Cannoli Flavor 
Cantaloupe Flavor 
Cappuccino Flavor
Caramel Flavor

Cheesecake Flavor 

Cherry Emulsion 
Cherry Flavor 
Chocolate Flavor 


Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavor  
Cinnamon Emulsion 
Citric Acid 50% Solution
Citric Acid Grandular
Coconut Emulsion 
Coconut Flavor 
Coffee Cake Flavor 
Confectionary Glaze
Cookies & Cream Flavor 
Cotton Candy Flavor 
Cranberry Flavor
Royal Cream Flavor 
Creamolata Flavor 
Creamsicle Flavor

Black Currant Flavor

Custard Flavor

Egg Nog Flavor 

Four Blend Flavor

Black Currant Flavor

Custard Flavor

Egg Nog Flavor 

Four Blend Flavor
Fruit Punch Flavor


Guava Flavor 
Grape Flavor

Hazelnut Flavor
Honeydew Flavor

Kaluha Flavor 
Key Lime Flavor 

Kewra Flavor
Kirschwasser Flavor 
Kiwi Flavor

Lemon Emulsion 

Lemon Flavor

Lemonade Flavor

Lime Flavor

Mango Flavor

Maple Flavor

Mint Flavor 

Mocha Flavor

Orange Emulsion 

Orange Flavor
Orange Blossom Water

Papaya Flavor 

Passion Fruit Flavor 
Peach Flavor 

Peanut Butter Flavor
Pear Flavor 
Butter Pecan Flavor 
Pecan Flavor 
Pina Colada Flavor 
Pineapple Flavor 
Pistachio Flavor 

Peppermint Flavor

Blue Raspberry Flavor

Raspberry Flavor

Rosewater Flavor
Rye Bread Flavor
Spearmint Flavor 
Spumoni Flavor 
Strawberry Flavor 

Tiramisu Flavor
French Vanilla Flavor 

Pure Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Flavor

Vanilla Flavor  Colorless
Vanillin FCC

Black Walnut Flavor 
Watermelon Flavor

Alkermes Flavor

Amaretto Flavor 

Anisette Flavor

Brandy Flavor

Coffee Flavor

Creme de Cocoa Flavor

Creme de Mint Flavor

Espresso Flavor

Galiano Flavor

Grand Marnier Flavor



Rum Super

Rum Supreme

Rum & Brandy Flavor

Sambuca Flavor

Strega Flavor 2-1

Stregol Flavor


Specialty Liquor Flavors 

Natural Flavors 

Natural Apple Flavor

Natural Banana Type Flavor

Natural Blueberry Type Flavor

Natural Cherry Flavor

Natural Cinnamon Toast Flavor

Natural Coffee Flavor #2000

Natural Grape Type Flavor

Natural Honey Type Flavor

Natural Lavender Flavor

Natural Mango Flavor 

Natural Maple Flavor

Natural Mint Flavor

Natural Peppermint Flavor

Natural Pineapple Flavor

Natural Raspberry Flavor

Natural Rose Flavor 

Natural Spearmint Flavor

Natural Strawberry Flavor

Natural Vanilla Flavor




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